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Incorporating innovative social, financial, economic, local administrative and productive structures, numerous renewable energy applications, with an important role for women in poverty alleviation in rural and poor urban environments.



"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them"


Gesell, Silvio The Natural Economic Order

Revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228



Edition 12: 22 November, 2006


6.10 :  First, initial, research phase

This has been completed without charge to the budget. All relevant details have been collected and a first, indicative budget developed. Contacts will be made with potential suppliers and the basic project technologies selected in accordance with the project procurement plan.


The project coordinator has contacted the local people to discuss their wishes and willingness and ability to meet any net financial commitments under the project after taking into account direct savings. Their leaders have signed a cooperation agreement.(Sample)

Users have accepted the five conditions precedent to the success of self-financing development projects of the type here presented:

6.10.1 Acceptation of Health Clubs. These do not only serve the purposes of offering basic hygiene education courses. They also serve as a platform for women, so that they can organise themselves and participate and play an important role in the various structures foreseen. The health clubs therefore constitute a means of addressing the so-called "gender problem".

6.10.2 Willingness to pay at least (Euro 0,60) being (Euro3 per month per family of 5) into the projectís Cooperative Local Development Fund. This payment covers the entire package of basic services foreseen (hygiene education, drinking water supply, sanitation, waste removal, high efficiency stoves and fuel for them, and lighting for study purposes.

6.10.3 Acceptance of the use of local exchange trading (LETS) systems, which enable goods and services originating in the project area to be exchanged without the need for formal money.

6.10.4 Acceptance of the gypsum composite production processes which enables most of the items required for local development to be made locally with 100% local value added within the framework of the local LETS systems in local low cost labour intensive production units.

6.10.5 Acceptance of quality locally manufactured dry composting toilet systems with the separation of urine and excreta. Aspects relating to the form, the colour, the finish, privacy and similar will all be discussed with and decided by the users. The dry toilet systems foreseen enable waste to be recycled at household level so that problems connected with the pollution of surface and ground water can be addressed at local level without the need for major investments.

The key project sites including clinics and schools will be shown on a map of the project area.

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