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Edition 36: 26 March, 2009.

Edition 37 : 21 October, 2013.




The Model helps you write your own integrated development project.

The model is built into your main project index.  The index leads you step by step through the preparation of your own self-financing, ecological, sustainable integrated development project. The files in the index contain possible texts for  your project. You may be able to use some of them without making many changes.  Where necessary,  the texts have to be changed to suit the needs of the people living in your project area.

The model programme, your project index,  is divided into several sections. All the sections put together form your project. You can complete the sections of the programme in any order. You can complete the files within each section in any order.

The main project index gives you an overview of  your project files. The files are interlinked to help you find your way from one project document to another. You can directly open any file.




Short introductions to your project and instructions on how to get started.

Short summaries, including an executive summary, with basic information on your project.  This group of files includes instructions on how to get a project started. It also contains an illustration of the formalities necessary to set up project execution.


Illustrations of your project structures.

Charts, drawings and diagrams illustrating the main features of your project. They are available both in English and in French.


Fund-raising and your funding application.

This section includes some basic tips for fund-raising and a menu of files useful in applying for seed funding for your project.


Promotion of your project.

Presentations of your project using Powerpoint and Transparents. This group of files includes course material for local money systems.


Service files.

Lists of abbreviations, drawings and illustrations, maps, key words and acknowledgments. This group also includes files with information on the applicant NGO and on the project coordinator, environmental reports, and evidence of the support of local civil society for your project.


Attachments to your project documents.

A list of documents with information supporting your project. The list provides extra information on concepts and technologies used in the Model, such as information on the work of the Brazilian sociologist Clodomir Santos de Morais, local money systems, micro-credit systems, some recommended appropriate technologies, and hygiene education courses.


Articles published on specific aspects of the Model under which your project has been drafted.

The list includes articles on policy aspects, the use of alternative energy, micro-credits, and drinking water supply.


Project working file groups.

The working files are split up into operative sections so that you can work on them. Their names end with the word “work”. To start with, their texts are identical to those proposed in your main project programme. Until you have edited each working file and put it into its final form, you therefore have both an adapted  version (the working file) and the original proposed text (in the index). When you are ready,  you can rename the working file by removing the word “work” from its name and include it in your main project programme.




This Model for ecological sustainable self-financing integrated development projects for the world’s poor is the intellectual property of  the NGO Stichting Bakens Verzet, 1018 AM Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Model has been placed in the public domain. It is available for bona-fide non-commercial use by interested parties free of charge subject to fair citation as follows:


 “This project has been drafted using the Model for self-financing, ecological, sustainable, integrated development projects for the world’s poor the intellectual property of and made available free of charge by the NGO Stichting Bakens Verzet, 1018 AM, Amsterdam, Netherlands.”


The citation should be included in formal documents, publications, and websites relating to projects drafted under the Model.


The Model enables interested parties, at their own risk, to draft their own complete self-financing, ecological, sustainable, integrated development projects and make applications for seed finance to cover their costs.


NGO Stichting Bakens Verzet will, on request, prepare draft projects under the Model and funding applications for them on the basis of information supplied by the interested parties. For this service interested parties must raise and pay in advance a fair  (but modest) contribution towards the out of pocket costs of the preparation of the project documents.




This Model has a high social and moral value, which must be maintained and protected.  The Model cannot itself substitute for poor quality project preparation or illegal, abusive or incompetent project implementation.


Third parties preparing projects under the Creative Commons Licence are therefore invited to submit their documentation for review free of charge by Stichting Bakens Verzet before submission to funding parties and/or implementation. (Contact us).  Project review will take place within 30 working days of receipt of the project documents. Reviewed projects together with review comments may be published at the sole discretion of Stichting Bakens Verzet at this website. 


Disputes are subject to the law of  the Netherlands. The competent court is that of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  



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(Nigerian writer Ben Okri, interview in Ode Magazine, Dec 2002-Jan 2003, p.49).



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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Licence.