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Incorporating innovative social, financial, economic, local administrative and productive structures, numerous renewable energy applications, with an important role for women in poverty alleviation in rural and poor urban environments.



"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them"


Gesell, Silvio The Natural Economic Order

Revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228



Edition 11: 28 September 2006


5.15 Project management structure.

Women play a basic role in the management of the structures set up.

There are three management levels:


The tank commissions. The tank commissions are the administrative heart of the project.

The well commissions. The well commissions have specific tasks, including the election of the central management structure.

The central management structure, which is chosen by the well commissions, usually but not necessarily from amongst their own members.


The form and tasks of the project management structure will be decided during the Moraisian workshop where the social structures of the project are planned and set up. It is a permanent structure subject to reconfirmation by election on a yearly, two-yearly or three-yearly basis. It can normally be expected to have about seven to nine members.


The first management structure will usually be set up during the third quarter, after the formation of the well commissions and the financial structures. The members of the management structure will be paid under the local money systems. The structure will, however, also have formal money costs to meet, and an allowance, usually about Euro 15.000 per year, is made available through the Cooperative Local Development Fund for this purpose. This is part of the standard on-going formal money expenditure covered by the monthly contributions made by the inhabitants.


The central project management will initially be supported during the first two executive years by the Project Coordinator, with the help of the General Consultant. The Project Coordinator, or his successor, will continue to assist the central management of the project until the initial seed capital for the project has, where applicable,  been repaid at the close of the first ten years’ project cycle. Since the Project Coordinator remains formally legally responsible to the NGO responsible for the project until loan repayments have been made, the central project management answers to the Project Coordinator.


While the Project Coordinator retains a right of veto, especially on financial issues, until all loan repayments, where applicable, have been made at the close of the first project period of ten years, the project management will be expected to operate autonomously from the moment of its taking office. 


Amongst its tasks:


Ownership and management of the central project offices and depot.

Coordination of ownership  and management of decentralised project structures.

Coordination and management of all issues for which neither the tank commissions nor the well commissions are directly responsible.

Liaison at project level with, and support for, the local social, financial, service, and productive structures set up.

Settlement of project-related conflicts.

The central project management is responsible by default for any project-related service or obligation for which no specific provision is available in the project organisation.


The central management will normally comprise:


-          A general manager (chosen for leadership qualities and vision – need not be literate)

-          A general accountant (some technical background) and trainee.

-          A computer specialist (system controller) and trainee.

-          Secretarial staff (2) including at least one person with (some) knowledge of English or French

-          Store-persons/drivers (2)

-          Gardner (optional)

-          Guards, two or more, as required.


Cleaning services, gardener, guards can be supplied externally through cooperatives operating within the local money systems set up.


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