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Incorporating innovative social, financial, economic, local administrative and productive structures, numerous renewable energy applications, with an important role for women in poverty alleviation in rural and poor urban environments.



"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them"


Gesell, Silvio The Natural Economic Order

Revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228



Edition 10: 15 August 2006


5.16 Social security structures.


Women play a basic role in the management of the structures set up. They also fully enjoy many of the benefits the projects bring with them.  The first structures set up are the health Clubs, which enable women to organise themselves so that they can play an active role in running the tank commissions, which are the heart of the structures created. The tasks of the tank commissions are illustrated in the following drawing:

Tasks of the tank commissions.

Water fetching is eliminated in the second year of project execution. Women and girls no longer have to look for wood for cooking. Smoke is eliminated from the houses. The introduction of local money system monetises their work. The introduction of interest-free micro-credit structures makes it possible for them to start new productive activities. On an average each family should receive at least Euro 1500 in interest-free micro-credits for productivity development during the first period of ten years.

Proposed activities do not involve treatment of HIV/AIDS directly. They do, however, have a power indirect impact on the social environment of AIDS patients. First of all, through the permanent, institutionalised activities of  Health Clubs and the Hygiene Education Courses in the schools.  Secondly, through a gradual reinforcement of the role of women in the community. Finally, through the improved nursing opportunities available to the ill within the framework of the local money systems.

The elderly, the sick, and the handicapped fully share, without exclusion, in all of the advantages brought by the projects. The financial structures created offer several levels of protection to them, both with regard to their monthly formal money contributions into the Cooperative Local Development Fund and within the framework of the Local Money structures created.

Together the structures set up form an advanced network of social support. For example, local money debit units accumulated by a sick, elderly or handicapped member can be distributed  amongst the adult members (some members, the younger members, or all the members) of his/her family; amongst the entire group in a given tank commission area; amongst the entire group in a well commission area; or even amongst the entire adult population in a project area.  

The structures created should lead to the creation of full employment in each project area within a few years, including employment for the blind and the handicapped. A local radio-telephone structure for example could alone give work to between 400-600 blind people in each project area.

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