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Incorporating innovative social, financial, economic, local administrative and productive structures, numerous renewable energy applications, with an important role for women in poverty alleviation in rural and poor urban environments.



"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them"


Gesell, Silvio The Natural Economic Order

Revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228



Edition 11: 23 November, 2006


6.23A Social structures

Tank commissions.
Well commissions.


The basic social structures are made up of a three tier system.


The first level is formed by the creation of (200) self-administered sustainable local development groups each one typically representing the same 40-50 families (200-300 persons). In this project they are referred to as tank commissions.

The second level is formed by the creation of  (35) self-administered sustainable intermediate level development groups each one typically representing the 300-400 families (about 2000 persons). In this project they are referred to as well commissions.

The third level is formed by the creation of  a self-administered sustainable project-level development management unit typically representing all of the (10.000) families (typically about 50.000 persons) in the project area. In this project the population in the project area is (50.000).

A self-administered sustainable social security structure for the protection of the elderly, the sick, the poor and the handicapped in the project area, for both their formal money and their local money needs is built into the systems at each of the three levels.


For this project,  (two) Moraisian workshops will be held.  The Tank Commissions form the basic project structure and the workshops can involve up to 1000 people.


Indicative participation (all workshops together):


The Moraisian trainers.
The project coordinator.
The general consultant.
Representative of the NGO.
Representative of the Finance Ministry.
Representative of the Rural Development ministry.
At least 5 observers (possible coordinators for future projects).
1750 (mostly female) persons interested in participating with responsibility for the management of projects structures as members of the Tank Commissions. 35% of these people might be indicated by the traditional chiefs, 65% by the local Health Clubs.

Duration of each workshop: about four weeks.


The Workshops will be expected to produce the following structures:


a) Definition of the social form of the tanks commissions and the well commissions:
- statutes.
- rules.
- financial aspects.
- definition of the tasks.


b) Organisation:
- meetings.
- use of tanks and well areas.


c) Coordination:

- with project coordinator.
- (future) local SEL-LETS system.
- between local tank commissions and the well commission.
- with local schools.
- with local clinics/hospitals.
- with (future) recycling systems.
- with (future) micro-credit structures.


d) A communications structure:

- vertical, at project level (coordinator).
- horizontal, with the +/- 40 local families.


e) Individual initiatives:


-Payment of the local Health Club leaders once the local money systems have been formed.

-Relationship between the local Health Club leader and the (future) Tank Commission.

-Relationship between the local Health Club leader and the Health ministry teacher responsible for the area.

-Discussion with persons (women) interested in the (future) local Tank Commission.

-Registration of Health Club members.

-Practical organisation of the lessons and later group meetings.


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