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                                                                                    01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int.Dev.)


Edition 01: 07 December, 2009



Tekstvak:         Quarter 3.










Study points : 05 points out of 18

Minimum study time : 125 hours out of 504


The study points are awarded upon passing the consolidated exam  for  Section C : The Model.



Block 8 : Economic aspects.


                            [Study points 03 out of 18]

[Minimum study time: 85 hours out of 504]


The study points are awarded upon passing the consolidated exam  for  Section C : The Model.



Block 8 : Economic aspects.


Section 1 : Project costs.

Section 2 : Management of the structures.

Section 3 : Costs and benefits analysis.

Section 4 : Achievement of the Millennium Goals.  



Exam Block 8 :  [4 hours]



Exam Block 8


Time allowed: 4 hours out of 504



Student identification.


Student’s name:

Student’s code:



Date :

To tutor [name]


E-mail :                                               


Eighth block exam on « Economic Aspects» : first attempt. 


Congratulations !


You have successfully completed your work on Section 4 : Achievement of the Millennium Goals  of Block 8 of the course.


You have applied for access to the exam for Block 8 Economic aspects. : first attempt.


Your application has been accepted.


Here is your exam : first attempt.


Preliminary notes.


1. You have  accepted that the study points for Block 8 will be finally conceded when you pass the consolidated exam for Section C« The Model » of the course.


2. You are expected to answer all of the questions correctly.


3. The questions are based on several aspects of  Block 8 Economic aspects but not all of them.


4. Within the limits of the time allowed by your tutor you are free to consult the course material, your notes, and the works cited as references.


5. No attempt has been make things difficult for the student. The questions asked are not «difficult ». Some well-prepared students may be able to answer them correctly within a few minutes. Others may need more time.


6. Do not try to guess your replies! You will not get away with it. Guessing is considered a serious fault and may cause delays in the rhythm of yours studies.


7. The course for  the Diploma in Integrated Development is designed to help students obtain their diploma. In case of failure at this first attempt, you will be informed of the errors made. Suggestions will be made for further studies. Once the extra work has been completed, you have the right to sit the exam (in a new version) again.


8. In case of  problems, consult your tutor, who is there to help you.


9. You have declared you are aware that the exam papers may be used for other students. Their contents are therefore strictly confidential. You have promised  not to pass details of the exam papers and/or of  your exam material to other students until they have been formally  published by Stichting Bakens Verzet.



The exam.


The exam on Block 8 Economic aspects  contains 20 multiple-choice questions. Choose the best option.


Return your completed exam by e-mail to your tutor within the time allowed.


(Exam : 20 multiple choice questions to be prepared)








 Eighth block :  Economic aspects. 

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"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them."

Gesell, Silvio, The Natural Economic Order, revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228.


“Poverty is created scarcity”

Wahu Kaara, point 8 of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, 58th annual NGO Conference, United Nations, New York 7th September 2005.



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