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01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int.Dev.)


Edition 01: 01 December, 2009

Edition 02: 25 March, 2011


Tekstvak:         Quarter 3.









Sixth block: The Model.


Section 1 :  Method.

Section 2:   Content.


Block 6:   Exam.

Seventh block : Regional and national planning.


Section 1: Extensions to regional and national plans.

Section 2: Relationships between individual  projects.


Block 7: Exam.

Eighth block:  Economic aspects.


Section 1 : Project costs.

Section 2 : Management of structures.

Section 3 : Costs and benefits analysis.

Section 4: Achievement of the Millennium Development goals. 

Section 5 : Kyoto Treaty : Analysis of  possibilities for finance. (Supplementary).


Block 8: Exam. 


Consolidated exam for Section C of the course, granting access to Section D (The student’s project) [6 hours per attempt]



Student identification.


 Student’s name:

 Student’s code :



 Date :


 To tutor [name]


 E-mail :                                               


Application for leave to sit  the consolidated exam for section C :  THE MODEL of the course : first attempt.


I declare I have concluded my course studies for Section C  :  The Model, being :


Sixth block: The Model.

Seventh block : Regional and national planning.

Eighth block:  Economic aspects.


and that I have passed the exams for each block. 


I am aware the purpose of the course for the Diploma in Integrated Development is to assist all students to obtain their diploma. In case of failure at this first attempt, my tutor will inform me of the errors made and make suggestions for further studies. Once the extra work has been completed, I have the right to sit the exam (in a new version) again. In case of failure at the second attempt, my tutor will advise me of the weaknesses and errors in my work, and  will make suggestions for further supplementary study. Once the extra supplementary work has been completed, I have the right to sit the exam (in a new version) for the third time.


I accept that the 5 study points for blocks 6, 7 and 8 of the course will be awarded  only upon my passing this consolidated exam for section C  :  The Model of the course.


I declare I am aware that the contents of  all exam papers may be subsequently used for other students, and that they are therefore strictly confidential. I promise not to pass to other students details of the exam papers and/or of my exam material until they have been formally  published by Stichting Bakens Verzet.