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01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int.Dev.)


Edition 01: 01 December, 2009

Edition 02: 25 March, 2011


Tekstvak:         Quarter 3.









Sixth block: The Model.


Section 1 :  Method.

Section 2:   Content.


Block 6:   Exam.

Seventh block : Regional and national planning.


Section 1: Extensions to regional and national plans.

Section 2: Relationships between individual  projects.


Block 7: Exam.

Eighth block:  Economic aspects.


Section 1 : Project costs.

Section 2 : Management of structures.

Section 3 : Costs and benefits analysis.

Section 4: Achievement of the Millennium Development goals. 

Section 5 : Kyoto Treaty : Analysis of  possibilities for finance. (Supplementary).


Block 8: Exam. 


Consolidated exam for Section C of the course, granting access to Section D (The student’s project) [6 hours per attempt]



Student identification.


 Student name:

 Student code:


 Place :

 Date :

 To tutor [name]


 E-mail :                                               



Congratulations !


You have completed your report  Block 8  of your studies.


Your report has been approved.


You have applied to sit the consolidated exam for Section C  «The Model » of the course : first attempt.


Your application has been accepted.


Here is your exam : first attempt.


Preliminary notes.


01. You have accepted that the 5 study points for Section C of the course be finally awarded to you only upon your passing this consolidated exam on Section C : The Model .   


02. The exam questions cover several of the aspects of  Section C : The Model that you have studied, but not all of them.


03. This consolidated exam contains 10 questions.  Each question requires a written answer of at least one page A4  ( minimum 500 words) and a maximum of two pages A4 (maximum 1000 words).


04. You must answer all the questions.


05. You are free to consult course material including your notes and reports and, where applicable, cited texts, within the period of time allowed by your tutor.


06. No attempt is made to complicate students’ lives. The questions asked are not «difficult ». The information needed to reply to them is available to you.


07. Each question is marked on the basis of 10 points for a total of 100 points.  Your result out of 100 is divided by 10. You must obtain an average of at least  7 points.


08. The purposes of the course for the Diploma in Integrated Development is to help students obtain their diplomas. Should you fail your exam at this first attempt, your tutor will advise you of the weaknesses in your work and will make suggestions on how to review your work. Once you have carried out the suggested revision, you have the right to sit a second (different) exam.


09. In case of problems, contact your tutor, who is there to serve you.


10. You have declared you are aware that the contents of all exam papers may be subsequently used for other students, and that they are therefore strictly confidential. You have promised  not to pass to other students details of the exam papers and/or of your exam texts until they have been formally  published by Stichting Bakens Verzet.


11. Once you have passed this Section C exam, you will receive confirmation of the award of  five study points, after which you can proceed with the drafting of your own project  under Section D: The Student’s Project.


E-mail your exam texts to your tutor within the time period conceded.


The exam.


(Exam : 10 questions each requiring a reply of at least one page A4  (minimum 500 words) and a maximum of two pages A4 (maximum 1000 words). Do not write more than 1000 words for any question. The part in excess of two pages will be ignored in the evaluation of your answer.

Be as brief as possible. Try to reach the heart of each subject.


(10 questions)