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Edition 98: 11 December, 2007


"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them."

Gesell, Silvio, The Natural Economic Order, revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228


"In the end, it's about love for mankind. Freedom begins with love.

Our challenge is to learn to love the world"

Nigerian writer Ben Okri, interview in Ode Magazine, Dec 2002-Jan 2003, p.49







Edition 01: 11 December, 2007


Chapter 04: The goals of the project and the expected results.


04.21 The chain of responsibilities.


Chart illustrating the administrative chain.

The following chart  gives a summary of common tasking at each of the three project management levels. The list is not intended to be complete. The Model provides for the provision of basic social, financial, productive and service structures necessary to a good quality of life for all. The same structures also open the way to countless other activities and initiatives which are as varied as the minds of those conceiving them. No attempt is made even to imagine them.

The Model applies in principle both to poor urban and rural areas in both developing and industrialised countries. However, preference is given to the execution of pilot projects in rural areas in developing countries.



Level 1: Tank commissions.

Level 2: Well commissions.

Level 3: Project level.

Health clubs/hygiene education.

Management of well sites.

Supervision and statistics.

Drinking water.Drinking water.

Water supply back-up.

Maintenance & statistics.

Family sanitation.

Washing places.

Training for housewives.

Rainwater harvesting.

Water sampling.

Water testing.

Local Money assistants.

Registration local money transactions

Local money statistics, Inter-project relations.

Collection of contributions.


Conflict resolution.

Collection of loan repayments.


Conflict resolution.

About 60% of micro-credit grants.

About 25% of micro-credit grants.

About 15% of grants.

First-level social safety net.

Second level social safety net.

Project-level safety net.

Production bio-mass for local use.

Production of mini-briquettes.




Local hsopital.

Primary school.

Secondary school.

Trade schools, propadeuse for University.

Lighting for study purposes.



Radio-telephone communications (work for blind)


Local radio station.

Sports clubs.

Intermediate facilities.

Project level competition.

Theatres, cultural groups.

Physical Facilities.

Cultural circuits.

Personal food storage facility.

Cooperative food storage.

Export/import cooperatives.


































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