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Incorporating innovative social, financial, economic, local administrative and productive structures, numerous renewable energy applications, with an important role for women in poverty alleviation in rural and poor urban environments.



"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them"


Gesell, Silvio The Natural Economic Order

Revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228



Edition 23: 04 January, 2007



Solar Spring pumps and Sunprimer MKII electronic controllers (the products) supplied by Stichting Bakens Verzet are covered for their landed cost in the market in question and subject to normal use, by a guarantee for a period of 24 months from the date of their installation, provided such date is duly registered by the importer, and for not more than 30 months from the date of the relative invoice of  Stichting Bakens Verzet, in respect of defective materials and/or workmanship. This guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the products themselves or parts therefor and shall not be construed as extending to the costs of transport and/or labour and/or other costs incurred whether directly or indirectly as a result of such defective materials and/or workmanship and/or of wear and tear. In the presence of express statutory requirements contrary to the contents of this warranty, the minimum statutory guarantee conditions shall prevail.

This present guarantee shall not be construed as to howsoever cover or include whether directly or indirectly:

-abuse of the products by whomsoever committed,

-erroneous and/or defective and/or unprofessional installation of the products by whomsoever committed

-failure to read or follow the installation instructions supplied with the products

-subsystems, parts, accessories not supplied by Stichting Bakens Verzet,

-motor brushes conventionally excluded from manufacturers' guarantees,

-accidental loss or damage howsoever and by whomsoever caused.

-theft and acts of vandalism

-replacement of any thermic switch placed by the manufacturer on the pump motor as a final extreme line of defence against serious system abuse, or any costs directly or indirectly relating thereto.

-despite the presence of defence mechanisms built into the Sunprimer units, the manufacturer's guarantee is voided where voltages higher than those prescribed are used, even if such voltages are applied for a very short period of time.

-use of the products with currents greater than those specified for normal conditions of use with 24V PV or battery systems or with 48V PV panels systems using 4 panels each of 12V nominal voltage as prescribed

-lightning or any other Act of God, water infiltration or externally caused overheating whether of solar or other origin.

-civil unrest, uprising, riots, strikes, civil commotion

-act of any military, political or administrative authority duly vested or not

-loss or damage howsoever deriving from unauthorised laboratory testing, even for a very short time. Separate instructions will be given to parties interested in conducting tests.

-use with generators or power sources other than the PV arrays and battery sets expressly foreseen.

-use of the products where the water quality is unsuitable even for consumption by animals

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