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"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them"


Gesell, Silvio The Natural Economic Order

Revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228


Edition 32: 17 August, 2011




ATTACHMENT 01 Bibliography on capacitation workshops.
ATTACHMENT 02 Information on capacitation workshops.
ATTACHMENT 03 Gypsum composites : Technology.

ATTACHMENT 04 Gypsum composites : Applications.
ATTACHMENT 05 An indicative programme for hygiene education.
ATTACHMENT 06 A simple introduction to local money systems.
ATTACHMENT 07 Information package LETS LINK UK.
ATTACHMENT 08 Transparents for the presentation of the Model.
ATTACHMENT 09 Power point presentation of the Model.
ATTACHMENT 10 25 Steps towards local development (industrialised countries).
ATTACHMENT 11 Some information on the solar submersible horizontal axis pumps
ATTACHMENT 12 Village Life inertia hand pumps.
ATTACHMENT 13 Paper on the role of micro-credit in development.
ATTACHMENT 14 Paper on drinking water supply and development.
ATTACHMENT 15 Paper on photovoltaic power and bio-mass and development.
ATTACHMENT 16 Paper on Photovoltaic  power:  one of the bases of development.
ATTACHMENT 17 Paper  : New horizons for renewable energy.
ATTACHMENT 18 Environmental laws applicable to this project.
ATTACHMENT 19 Peter Wier's index of single issue CD3WD appropriate technology file groups.
ATTACHMENT 20 Pure plant oils for small-scale energy generation.
ATTACHMENT 21 Computerised local money system administration.

ATTACHMENT 22 Constitution 1999 of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela : Chapter VIII on the rights of indigenous peoples.
ATTACHMENT 23 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: (Programme of activities as a single CDM project activity.)
ATTACHMENT 24 Grey water management in low- and middle-income countries.

ATTACHMENT 25 Use of urine and faeces as fertilisers.

ATTACHMENT 26 In search of drivers for dry sanitation.

ATTACHMENT 27 The Primary Health Care Package for South Africa : a set of norms and standards.

ATTACHMENT 28 World Health Organsiation list of essential medicines.

ATTACHMENT 29 Fundraising Tips for Community-Based NGOs in Developing Countries.

ATTACHMENT 30 Sawyer, Ron (editor) Closing the Loop : Ecological sanitation.

ATTACHMENT 31 Windblad u., et al, Ecological Sanitation, SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), Stockholm, second edition 2004..


ATTACHMENT 33: New Economics Foundation, Handbook on "Plugging the leaks" in local economies.

ATTACHMENT 34: Light Up the World Foundation : Information on LED lights for use in developing countries.

ATTACHMENT 35: A green oil for the world. By courtesy of periodical Sun & Wind Energy.

ATTACHMENT 36: The Good Enough Guide. How to respect the people in your project area. By courtesy of Oxfam UK, e-mail:

ATTACHMENT 37: Water filtration using Moringa paste with Biosand filters.

ATTACHMENT 38: How to collect and conserve seeds.

ATTACHMENT 39: Roofwater Harvesting :a handbook for practioners by T.H.Thomas and D.B.Martinson,2007. By courtesy of the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, Delft, Netherlands. 

ATTACHMENT 40 : Draft charter for the rights of african women, Addis Abeba 28th March 2003.

ATTACHMENT 41: African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, 1990.

ATTACHMENT 42: Development and sustainability,  Center for Ecoliteracy, Berkeley, 2005.

ATTACHMENT 43: Need and greed: corruption risks, perceptions and prevention in humanitarian assistance HPG Policy Brief 32, ODI Overseas Development Institute, London, September 2008.

ATTACHMENT 44  Sanitation for Primary Schools in Africa Reed Bob and Shaw Rod, WEDC Water Engineering and Development Centre, Loughborough University,2008.

ATTCAHMENT 45: Nine Meals from Anarchy. Courtesy Andrew Simms, New Economics Foundation, Schumacher Lecture 2008, London 2008.

ATTCAHMENT 46: Towards Food Sovereignty : A Future without Hunger, Pimbert M., IIED, London, 2008 (Courtesy IIED London.)

ATTCAHMENT 47: Where Women Have no Doctor : A Health Guide For Women. Burns A. et al, Hesperian, Berkeley, 2009.

ATTACHMENT 48: Pull-push technology for improved maize (and other staple) crop yields,  Khan Z. et al, Gatsby Charitable Foundation, London, 2005.


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