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                                                                                    01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int.Dev.)


Edition 01: 11 December, 2009



Tekstvak:         Quarter 3.










Study points : 05 points out of 18

Minimum study time : 125 hours out of 504


The study points are awarded upon passing the consolidated exam  for  Section C : The Model.



Block 8 : Economic aspects.


                            [Study points 03 out of 18]

[Minimum study time: 85 hours out of 504]


The study points are awarded upon passing the consolidated exam  for  Section C : The Model.



Block 8 : Economic aspects.


Section 2 : Management of the structures.[12 hours ]


01. The Permanent Cooperative of the Management of the Project Structures. (02 hours)

02. Tank commission level. (02 hours)

03. Well commission level. (02 hours )

04. Central committee level.(02 hours)

05. The project management. (02 hours)


Section 2 report :  (2 hours).



Section 2 : Management of the structures.   [ 12 hours ]


04. Central committee level.(02 hours)


For information on the formation of the Central Committee, refer to pare 4. The central committee in section 2 the social structures of the fourth block the  structures to be created


Refer to the analyses made on the central committee,  in the division of tasks in section 2 division of tasks amongst the three project levels of the third block  solutions to the problems.


Carefully read articles 10-15 of the statutes of the Cooperative Association for the on-going management of the project structures of theModel.


Articles 10-15 are about the Central Committee meetings.

Article 12 reads :

“Article 12: The Central Committee represents the Association. It may delegate some of its tasks to a general management which it elects and the activities of which it controls.”

This means the central committee is not obliged to name a General Management team. It may decide to delegate some tasks to the management and keep others under its own control.

1. Opinion.

On one page discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of nominating a general management structure. What is your opinion on this issue ?

Article 11 of the statutes provide :

“Article 11: The Central Committee elects one of its members Chairman for a period of three years, and a secretary who may be nominated for a full period of three years or on the occasion of each meeting.”

Suppose your project area has 37 boreholes. Each well commission appoints a representative to the central committee. The Central Committee (the project «Parliament » ) would therefore have 37 members.


2. Research.


On one page use your personal knowledge on the organisation of meetings according to the laws of your country and give a detailed description on how the first Chairperson of the Association would be elected.


Article 10 of the statutes provides that one of the tasks of the central committee is to : “Decide on any problems which is not expressly the responsibility of the management or any other organ of the association.” Another is the  “Resolve all litigation relating to the project.” The committee is free to carry out this task at plenary meetings. Or it may choose to elect a sub-committee for the purpose .  

The structures of integrated development projects do not replace formal judicial or administrative structures in project areas. The issue in question are those relating the project management. While project agreements cannot exclude the jurisdiction of the courts where the projects take place, there is, usually, freedom to decide to try to reach a settlement within the project management structures before proceeding to formal action in the courts. Parties to litigation within the framework of project structures are always free to appeal to the courts.

The fourth block of the course is about the structures to be created.

The structures cited include:

Social structures.

Financial structures.

Productive structures.

Service structures.


3. Research.

Working structure by structure, on one page,  identify at least one typical cause of conflict which would be «naturally» settled by the Central Committee or its delegate, subject always to the possibility of the parties to appeal to the courts..

4. Opinion.

Do you think that an «internal » litigation procedure would have advantages for the parties involved and/or for the country where the integrated project is being executed ? Provide a one page opinion.

5. Opinion.

No provision is made for the delegation of the settlement of disputes to the General Management. On one page explain the reasons for this. You might think amongst other things of the risk of favouritism  (Management has few members and is not representative) and the possibility that the General Management itself  be a party to the procedure, or that the General management be in a position of conflict of interest. 

 Eighth block :  Section 2: Management of the structures. 

 Eighth block :  Economic aspects.

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"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them."

Gesell, Silvio, The Natural Economic Order, revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228.


“Poverty is created scarcity”

Wahu Kaara, point 8 of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, 58th annual NGO Conference, United Nations, New York 7th September 2005.



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