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Edition 01 : 26 May, 2002

The following basic information pack on LETS systems was written and presented by LETSLINK UK. The material was prepared for local exchange activities in industrialised countries and in particular in Great Britain. The local money structures foreseen in the Model for self-financing integrated development have a more basic general economic function than and are therefore different in a number of important ways from those described in the LETSLINK UK material. The notes on pages 24 and 25 are especially relevant for systems in developing countries.

Page 01 An introduction to LETS
Page 02 Local currencies in history and today
Page 03 Stamp scrip and Worgl Town Money
Page 04 Community-based currencies
Page 05 Barter and Scrip in the 1930s
Page 06 Trade dollar networks and LETS and Community
Page 07 U.S. and Canadian Experiments
Page 08 (continued)
Page 09 The Australian Experience
Page 10 LETS in the UK
Page 11 (continued)
Page 12 A new community currency LETS - readily available
Page 13 Interest free
Page 14 Stays local
Page 15 (continued)
Page 16 (continued)
Page 17 How does LETS work?
Page 18 Basic rules of LETS
Page 19 (continued)
Page 20 So what can LETS offer?
Page 21 (continued)
Page 22 (continued)
Page 23 A few quotes
Page 24 LETS on a larger scale
Page 25 Environmental benefits
Page 26 The role of interest
Page 27 How to start a LETS group
Page 28 The first meeting
Page 29 Organising for success
Page 30 the tasks of the core group
Page 31 Putting it together
Page 32 A "real life" LETS core group
Page 33 Let trading begin
Page 34 But what's the going rate?
Page 35 (continued)
Page 36 Vital keys to success : points 1 and 2
Page 37 Vital keys to success : points 3 and 4
Page 38 Running the systems : equipment and cheques
Page 39 Cheques continued
Page 40 All begins and ends at zero
Page 41 The LETS directory
Page 42 Directory tips
Page 43 Directory tips (continued)
Page 44 Covering costs
Page 45 Covering costs (continued)
Page 46 Building your membership
Page 47 Building your membership (continued)
Page 48 Building your membership (continued)
Page 49 Lets and legal issues
Page 50 The rules of LETS
Page 51 UK Model constitution
Page 52 UK Model constitution (continued)
Page 53 UK Model constitution (continued)
Page 54 UK Model constitution (continued)
Page 55 UK Model constitution (continued)
Page 56 Tax briefing
Page 57 Tax briefing (Exchange & Mart/ Lets & Business)
Page 58 LETS & income tax
Page 59 LETS and benefits
Page 60 LETS and benefits (continued)
Page 61 How LETS works
Page 62 Common questions about LETS (FAQ sheet)
Page 63 Common questions about LETS (continued)
Page 64 Common questions about LETS (continued)
Page 65 LETS system administration
Page 66 LETS and commercial trade


Some information on local money systems.


Letskring Wier - draft local economic system (Dutch)



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Some draft projects in English and French.


Main project programme.



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