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01. E-course : Diploma in Integrated Development (Dip. Int. Dev.)


Edition 01: 14 December, 2009







Study points : 03 points out of 18

Minimum study time : 81 hours out of 504


The study points are awarded upon acceptance of your project.



Section 1 : Choose your project area and create the section 1 files of du Model.

Section 2 : Apply the section 2 files of the Model to your project area.

Section 3 : Apply the section 3 files of the Model to your project area.

Section 4 : Apply the section 4  files of the Model to your project area.

Section 5 : Apply the section 5 files of the Model to your project area.

Section 6 : Apply the section 6 files of the Model to your project area.

Section 7 : Apply the section 7 files of  the Model to your project area.

Section 8 : Apply the section 8 files of the Model to your  project area..

Section 9 : Adapt the list of  annexed documentation to the requirements of your project.


Section 4 : Apply the section 4  files of the Model to your project area. (4 hours)


The project goals and the expected results. [04 hours]


All files except file 04.10 should be completed, where necessary adapted to the project area. File 04.10 (on project partners] should be prepared (formatted) where applicable together  preliminary indications and suggestions for the partnership.


Remember to take the interests of indigenous peoples into account, if there are any.



04.01 Project goals.

04.02 Long-term goals.

04.03 Short-term goals.

04.04 Activities related to specific goals.

04.05 Expected results.

04.06 The economic bases of the project.

04.07 Some basic project concepts.

04.08 Five basic conditions.

04.09 The development structures to be created.

04.10 Parties and co-donors.

04.11 Parties participating in project execution.

04.12 The ownership question.

04.13 Certainty as to project execution.

04.14 Taxation within the local money LETS systems set up.

04.15 How a local money  (LETS) transaction works.

04.16 The effects of  inflation on the Cooperative Local Development Fund and gift content.

04.17 Project insurance and forfeit in the form of gift in the case of loss of capital structures.

04.18 The circulation of information.

04.19 Recycling of funds and  importation of items needed for productivity increase.

04.20 Auditing structures.

04.21 The chain of responsibilities.



Evaluation of the project at the student’s request.


 Section D:  The student's project.

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 List of references.

  Course chart.

 Technical aspects.

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"Money is not the key that opens the gates of the market but the bolt that bars them."

Gesell, Silvio, The Natural Economic Order, revised English edition, Peter Owen, London 1958, page 228.


“Poverty is created scarcity”

Wahu Kaara, point 8 of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, 58th annual NGO Conference, United Nations, New York 7th September 2005.



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